Frequently Asked Questions


Caregivers Screening – How are caregivers screened?

All Corewood Homecare applicants are carefully screened by conducting the following: telephone and in-person interviews, skills assessments, personality and behavior assessments, reference checks, background checks, drug tests, sexual offender list checks, motor vehicle checks and a Quality Seal of Assurance Program that tests the applicant for honesty and personality to care for others.

Caregivers Training – What type of training do your caregivers receive?

All of our caregivers receivea comprehensive initial orientation training, receive ongoing training and must be able to present verifiable licensure in the state of Maryland, when required. We only hire caregivers who have had at least one-year experience of providing care to others within their home and ensure to continue that education and training throughout their employment with Corewood Homecare.

Caregivers Monitoring – How often are services monitored?

Upon each and every visit, our caregivers must report the services they have provided and if there is anything unusual about the client’s health, behavior or circumstances. Through our unique web-based technology you or your family may see any notes from the caregiver regarding their visit. Finally, we conduct regular visits to the client’s home to ensure that the level of care and service is being provided.

CQA – What is Caregiver Quality assurance (CQA)?

The Caregiver Quality Assurance seal is a tested standardized national program that Corewood Homecare subscribs to. This program tests and evaluates prospective field staff for honesty and personality fit in providing quality care and support to clients and families.

Employees or Independent Contractors? Are your caregivers employees of Corewood Homecare or are they Independent Contractors?

All Corewood Homecare caregiver are employees. This is a very important question to ask when considering caregivers working in your home. Our caregivers are direct employees and not independent conrtactors. Therefore, we accept responsibility for the screening, training, insrance and supervision of our caregivers. This takes the stress off of you and your loved ones when trying to find the best care.

State and Federal Employee Practices – Does Corewood Homecare adhere to State and Federal guidelines?

Corewood Homecare adhere to all local, state and federal laws and regulations for a licensed home are agency.

Care Services - Home Health Care vs. Private Duty Home Care – What is the difference between home health care services and private duty home care services?

Private duty home care is a private pay or private insurance pay care that includes service and support for any aged individual in their place of residence. Private duty home care can and often does work in conjunction with home health care, when care is required for longer intervals. 


Non-private Home Health Care is for Medicare or Medicaid patients who need intermittent skilled care for a limited period of time. Medicare only pays for “skilled care”, which means that the care must be ordered by a physician, be medically necessary and must be monitored by a health care professional. This type of care is only authorized for a limited amount of time.

Start of Service – How quickly can I arrange for service?

Immediately. Simply give us a call. Once we have determined you or your loved one’s needs and established a tailored plan of care, we will find the right caregiver to assist you. It is important to us to pair our clients with a caregiver who understands the client’s needs and is personally compatible.

Consultation – Do you provide in-home consultation prior to the start of services?

Yes, we will always have a Registered Nurse make a home visit prior to the state of service. We will set up an in-home assessment or consultation with you and your family at your convenience to determine specific needs and tailor a comprehensive plan of care suited to your wishes and requirements. 

Plan of Care – Will there be a written plan outlining the duties of the caregiver?

Yes, during the assessment our Registered Nurse will assess the services and plan of care you or your loved one needs. We will leave a written services plan at your home and we will have one registered in our company system. Your assigned caregiver shall have access to the plan of care and shall make note of any significant changes or developments observed. 

Same Caregiver – Will I see the same caregiver every week for shifts or visits?

Our goal is to provide continuity of care for out clients and we strive to have the caregiver return for shifts or visits. At times there may be extenuating circumstances that affect the continuity we expect and therefore we will ensure that another member of our team is available to meet your home care needs.

Change Caregivers – What if I want another caregiver?

Your comfort and contentment is our main priority. Most of our clients are very happy with their initial caregiver as we specifically match the client and caregiver based on many factors. However, if a client or family member is not satisfied with our choice of caregiver, we will have another caregiver help you or your loved one. We want you to have the best care and assistance as possible.

Costs- What is the cost of private duty home care?

Every client’s plan of care is unique to their needs. Factors that help determine the cost of care include the number of hours of care per week and the level of service needed. We bill our services on an hourly basis, but we also offer flat rates for services such as live in care. One of our Registered Nurses will be pleased to make a complimentary home visit to evaluate you or your loved one’s unique needs. Please give us a call to determine the level of service you or your loved one needs.

Insurance – Does my insurance cover the costs of private duty home care?

Private insurance policies may cover private duty home care costs, however, this depends on your individual policy. Additionally, many long term insurance plans will cover costs associated with private duty home care. We will assist you in determining your coverage with your provider. 

Medicare – Does Medicare cover private home care?

Medicare considers non-medical in home care to be custodial care and therefore does not cover the cost. Medicare services must be ordered by a physician, be medically necessary and must be monitored by a health care professional.

Our Agency - License – Is Corewood Homecare a licensed agency?

Yes, Corewood Homecare, is a licensed Residential Service Agency regulated by the Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.

Our Difference – What makes Corewood Homecare different from other home care companies?


Insurance and Bonding – Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

Absolutely! Our caregivers are insured and bonded, which protects your family against any liability for theft or damage. Additionally,  if your caregiver is ever

injured while working in your home, he or she is covered by worker’s compensation insurance which takes the responsibility off of you. Our caregivers are our employees and we ensure to take responsibility for members of our team. 

Conflicts – How does Corewood Homecare handle conflicts or client complaints?

We are committed to handling any conflict or complaint immediately. We ask that you give us your feedback as to our service. We strive to be the best we can be and deliver the care and support you want and deserve. Any grievance or complaint, please let us know so we can resolve it that day or as soon as possible.

Emergencies and After hours – Will I be able to reach a caregiver after hours or in an emergency? How can I contact someone after hours?

Yes! We provide care to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A care coordinator is always on call to assist you or your loved one. Please give us a call, we are here to help you.



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