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Home Health Care vs. Private Duty Home Care?

Private duty home care is a private pay or private insurance pay service that includes care, service and support for any individual or any age in their place of residence. Private duty home care can and often does work in conjunction with home health care, when care is required for longer intervals.


Non-private Home Health Care is for Medicare or Medicaid patients who need intermittent skilled care for a limited period of time. Medicare only pays for “skilled care”, which means that the care must be ordered by a physician, be medically necessary and must be monitored by a health care professional. This type of care is only authorized for a limited amount of time.

Start of Service – How quickly can I arrange for service?

Immediately! Simply give us a call. Once we have determined you or your loved one’s needs and established a tailored plan of care, we will find the right caregiver to assist you. It is important to us to pair our clients with a caregiver who understands the client’s needs and is personally compatible. 

Consultation – Do you provide in-home consultation prior to the start of services?

Yes, we will always have a Registered Nurse make a home visit prior to the start of service. We will set up an in-home assessment or consultation with you and your family at your convenience to determine your specific needs and tailor a comprehensive plan of care suited to your wishes and requirements.

Plan of Care – Will there be a written plan outlining the duties of the caregiver?

Yes, during the assessment, our Registered Nurse will assess the services and plan of care you or your loved one needs. A copy of the plan of care will be left with you at your home and we will keep one registered in our company computer system.

Same Caregiver – Will I see the same caregiver every week for shifts or visits?

Our goal is to provide continuity of care for out clients and we strive to have the same caregiver return for shifts or visits. At times there may be extenuating circumstances that affect the continuity we expect and therefore we will ensure that another member of our team is available to meet your home care needs.

Change Caregivers – What if I want another caregiver?

Your comfort and contentment is our main priority. Most of our clients are very happy with their initial caregiver as we specifically match the client and caregiver based on many factors. However, if a client or family member is not satisfied with our choice of caregiver, we will have another caregiver help you or your loved one. We want you to have the best care and assistance as possible.





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